Ornamental Iron Balconies in Cleveland, TN

Recognized as an indicator of class and style for hundreds of years, ornamental wrought iron adds beauty and elegance to any residential or commercial project. For over 30 years, our family-owned business has been specializing in crafting the highest quality wrought iron products, with designs that are both beautiful and exceedingly durable. Whether you are renovating an older structure or creating something completely new, Beaty Fabricating can bring your project to the next level with our unmatched quality and simple, elegant designs.

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Why choose wrought iron from Beaty Fabricating?

A safety feature of both durable strength and beauty, ornamental iron balconies are the perfect addition to add railing to a structure in either indoor or outdoor settings. With the addition of a wrought iron balcony railing, you will enjoy:

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Elegant design
  • Safety and security

Through our renovation projects, we can create new life for existing structures, adding structural support with class. For new building projects, our ornamental iron balcony designs add a touch of simple and durable beauty that will make your project stand out. Whether you are looking to elevate your residential project or add elegance to a commercial construction, Beaty Fabricating can help raise your project to the next level.

What styles are available for ornamental iron balconies?

At Beaty Fabricating, we combine classic designs with a modern edge to create timeless ornamental iron pieces. We have over 30 years of expert experience behind every piece we create, and take pride in knowing our product is at the top of the line. Within our wheelhouse of design expertise, we craft beautiful balconies in the style of:

  • Colonial & Country
  • French Country
  • Spanish Villa
  • Victorian
  • Rustic
  • And more

Our team of highly skilled iron workers are able to craft balconies in an array of designs within these styles, including popular railing looks such as: 

Fleur-De-Lis (add photos to each?)


Pressed Spear

Hoop and Spear

Aluminum balconies

As a more economical alternative to wrought iron, balconies made from aluminum material offer a great option for those seeking some of the same benefits of wrought iron, at a lower overall expense. All of our aluminum balconies are available in the same styles as our wrought iron products, and are constructed to appear in the same effect as wrought iron as well as offering similar durability.

In addition to these classic looks, we also offer our own custom designs to make your project completely unique. Whatever type of design you are looking for, from simple to complex, Beaty Fabricating offers the highest quality ornamental iron and aluminum products to elevate the appearance and quality of your structure.

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