Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing – Cleveland, TN

If you’re looking to enhance your residential or commercial space, ornamental fencing is perfect for you. Ornamental fencing has a timeless aesthetic that increases any property value and curb appeal. At Beaty Fabricating, we want to help you create the perfect fence for your home that is inspired by your vision and perfected with our unique touch. We know it can be overwhelming trying to decide what fence is best for you. While we can make your fencing beautiful, our fences are also strong, stable, and functional for your space.

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What material should I use for my fence?

When choosing your perfect fence, the first thing you need to decide is the material. We create and install wrought iron and aluminum fencing. Some might consider a chain link fence, but we hope to show you why iron and aluminum fencing are overall better options. When you’re picking out your fence, it’s important to know your priorities. Consider weather resistance, style, and maintenance as you choose the material that works best for you.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron adds unique detail to any home. Its versatility, strength, and beauty make this a top-of-the-line choice for an elegant and functional fence. Wrought iron fences are precisely welded together with very close attention to detail. Here are a few benefits of wrought iron fencing:

  • Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Security and protection
  • Intricate design
  • Timeless aesthetic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Increases value

 With good care, a wrought iron fence can last a lifetime. Styles come and go over time, but wrought iron is so versatile that it fits with every era.

Aluminum Fencing

If you’re looking to touch up your yard, aluminum fencing would be the perfect addition to make your landscaping stand out. An aluminum fence is a great way to elevate your exterior to a modern look. Here are some benefits of installing an aluminum fence:

  • No rust
  • Low Maintenance
  • Secure
  • Durable
  • Fits with most topography
  • Eco-friendly
  • Style Versatility

Aluminum fencing has so much to offer, including a sleek look at an affordable cost. Whether you want a classic fence or a trendy piece, aluminum fencing is a good fit.

Fence Styles

There are so many great options to style and design your fence. At Beaty’s we provide fencing that fits all sorts of styles and aesthetics from modern, utilitarian, chic, and Victorian. We can help you pick the perfect fence for your style that will enhance your space and its value.

Picket Fencing

Picket fences are a classic style option for any home. There are several toppings that can accompany picket fencing, making a beautiful addition to any yard. At Beaty Fabricating, we can custom design your fence, but here are some of the most popular styles:

Pressed Spear (Photo)

Triad Spear

Hoop and Spear


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Choosing the perfect ornamental fence can be difficult, but worth it when you find the right one. Let our team help you find or create the best fence for your home or business. Contact Beaty Fabricating today to begin your journey and find the fence that enhances your space.