Stairways have always served the function of moving people from one level to another inside or outside of a building or structure, but a custom built ornamental iron or steel stairway from Beaty Fabricating and Ornamental Iron can offer functionality, safety, protection, strength and beauty in one unit. We have decades of experience in building residential, commercial and industrial stairways using ornamental iron or high strength steel. Whether you need a single set, multi-tier steps, spiral staircases or a multi-level industrial stairway, we can custom build exactly what you need. In some cases you need a set of stairs that not only serves their intended purpose but also matches the design and aesthetic of its surroundings. We can custom build a straight, tiered or spiral staircase that will work for you.

Although we are located minutes from Chattanooga, TN, Beaty Fabricating and Ornamental iron has built stair projects all over the country…and all over the world. Contact us today at Beaty Fabricating to discuss your custom interior or exterior stairway needs.

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