Structural Iron Work in Cleveland, TN

At Beaty Fabricating, we are equipped and experienced in handling large scale steelwork fabricating with expert care. We know you only want the highest quality steel for your project, and we take pride in offering top of the line iron and steel products. From residential ornamental iron to commercial structural steel projects, Beaty Fabricating delivers the best metal work for our clients. With our expert iron work knowledge and unmatched product quality, let us help make your project outstanding.

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What is Structural Steel?

Since its wide-spread production began in the early 1900s, structural steel’s durability and strength has been an invaluable asset for architectural progression and large-scale building in the U.S and beyond. Its strength to weight ratio and appropriate flexibility allow for taller, stronger and safer structures, making this high-grade steel optimal as a building material. Several types of steel variations are manufactured to each offer specific benefits:   

  • Carbon steel
  • Forged steel
  • High strength, low alloy steel
  • Corrosion resistant steel

Fire resistant, non-combustible and durable, steel is a prime material for industrial and commercial projects. Beaty Fabricating has been crafting structural steel and iron work with expert craftmanship for decades, creating projects with timeless elegance and unmatched structural support. If you are planning a new construction or looking to upgrade an existing structure, contact Beaty Fabricating to learn more about how structural steel can benefit your project.

What Structural Steel services do we offer?

In all of our work, we uphold a level of design elegance and product quality that sets us apart from our competitors. Whatever your project, Beaty Fabrication has extensive experience to meet all your structural iron work needs. From fabrication and transport to installation, Beaty Fabricating does it all. Within our skillset, we are able to offer our clients:

  • Steel construction and welding
  • Fabrication for commercial buildings
  • Steel decking
  • Steel truss fabrication and installation
  • Steel awnings and covers
  • Heavy duty trellis work
  • Fabrication and transportation
  • Much more

At Beaty Fabrication, we take pride in offering the highest quality product possible and take care of all transportation required to keep your project running on track. Whether you are constructing an apartment building or other commercial sized structure, we are equipped and ready to make your project the best that it can be.

Our family owned and operated company offers everything from ornamental iron work such as balconies, fences, handrails and gates, to large scale steel projects. With decades of experience in working with structural steel and ornamental iron projects, we can build the perfect materials for your project. 

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With over 30 years of experience on large scale steel projects, Beaty Fabricating is here to meet all your structural steel and iron work needs. Contact us today and get your project started!